Using context to reveal factors that affect physical activity

Ian Li, Anind K. Dey, Jodi Forlizzi

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Understanding My Data, Myself: Supporting Self-Reflection with Ubicomp Technologies

Ian Li, Anind K. Dey, Jodi Forlizzi

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A stage-based model of personal informatics systems

Ian Li, Anind K. Dey, Jodi Forlizzi

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Here's what I did: sharing and reusing web activity with ActionShot

Ian Li, Jeffrey Nichols, Tessa Lau, Clemens Drews, Allen Cypher

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Grafitter: leveraging social media for self reflection

Ian Li, Anind K. Dey, Jodi Forlizzi

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Using visualizations to increase compliance in experience sampling

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My agent as myself or another: effects on credibility and listening to advice

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a CAPpella: programming by demonstration of context-aware applications

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Workshop Papers

Beyond Counting Steps: Using Context to Improve Monitoring of Physical Activity

Ian Li

Ubicomp 2009 Doctoral Colloquium, Orlando, FL, 2008 Nov

Ambient Interfaces that Motivate Changes in Human Behavior.

Jodi Forlizzi, Ian Li, Anind K. Dey

Ambient Information Systems, 2006 Nov 31


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